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Employer Agreement

  • This business operates according to the laws of the Republic of Ireland, including the current Health Service Executive guidelines in relation to the Covid-19 crisis, and any other health and safety laws applicable to the business.
  • This business meets the definition of a small, independent Irish business; i.e. it employs less than 50 people, is free from outside control and is wholly owned and operated in Ireland.
  • This business adheres to best practices and the applicable employment law in relation to the treatment and payment of their staff, and recognises the Constitutional right of their employees to freedom of association and trade union membership.
  • This business is doing their best to ensure their employees remain in work or, if not, are paid (if necessary with government supports), and are not taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis to treat staff badly or put their staff out of work.
  • This business takes full responsibility for the quality of the products and services listed on The Doorstep Market, and the fulfilment of orders and delivery after confirmation and payment have been received. The business recognises that contracts entered into will be purely between the business and the purchaser, and The Doorstep Market holds no obligation for same.

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